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Also view GPS history on a timeline. SMS Text Messages. View entire phone history of sent and received SMS text messages of all contacts. Track Phone Calls. Track Emails. View entire email history.

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Including names, times and contact info of emails. View browing history, bookmarks, block specific websites and get keyword alerts. View all photos and videos taken and stored in target phone. Instant Messages. This includes tracking a cell phone that's your own or locating a cell phone that a family member uses but that you are responsible for.


To avoid legal repercussions, just make sure to get the owner's go-ahead to track their phone remotely. If you're using a cell phone tracker tool that identifies the location of the number and shows you where in the world that number is registered, you can rest assured that it's completely legal.

Area code locations are well established and completely legal to look into. The easiest way to track a smartphone is with a location sharing app. Basic phones require a totally different method, explained below.

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Most phone trackers won't work if the device is using a fake GPS location. A app that tracks a phone's location is simply a GPS program that connects to another user's phone so that they can monitor the other phone. Usually, the location sharing goes both ways so that both phones can track the other. Life and Google Maps are great for long-term phone tracking. To track a cell phone location temporarily like during a trip or for just a couple hours, try Glympse or a messaging app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Cellphone Tracking by Police? Really Accurate?

Find My Friends is another phone tracker just for iPhone. See these Find My Friends alternatives for Android for similar options for that platform. Leave this field empty.

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How to Put Tracking App on Android? Tap on the open button of the Device Manager or simply tap the icon on the screen.

You will be asked to log in to your Google account for first-time use. Find or hack the lost, stolen, or whoever you want to track Select an action to do When you hack a phone, you will be given the last five locations recorded by the GPS and the actions you would like to do. What is GPS?

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