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And now, you can also use Coinbase Pro on your phone. On the first tab, you can see a list of trading pairs. If you tap on a pair, you can see real-time candles, the order book, your active orders as well as trade history for this specific pair. You can also set up an order to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from each trading pair page.

On the second tab, you can see your portfolio of crypto assets and its value in fiat currencies.

And even more features

You can deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies from the mobile app. Coinbase increased some of its trading fees on Coinbase Pro for low-volume accounts just last week. Kraken charges 0. Binance charges 0. With those new trading fees, it feels like Coinbase is indeed targeting pro users with Coinbase Pro. Your email address will not be published. A new leak confirms that Windows 10X will be coming to laptops and other traditional PC fo….

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Username or Email Address. Remember Me. October 26, Home Tech. How to add and change watchfaces on your Apple Watch — The Verge. Over people in Mobile County currently without power, officials say — AL. Tornado watch extended again for south Alabama; severe storms still moving through state — AL. The iPod at the gadget that changed music and tech forever — The Economist. Here are top 6 gadgets that you can buy and gift this Diwali — YourStory. Kafer: The internet has changed our lives for the better too — The Denver Post.

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Granted I'm a consultant and do heavily traveling but it has never happened to any of my colleagues Macs. Once it was in service for week because the wifi card was disconnected. Don't even get me started about running linux on it, not a nice experience. Getting home and using my mac is such an upgrade, OS and hardware wise. Only thing I really miss is the red track button in the middle of the keyboard, that is a phenomenal feature! Interesting; I have basically the exact opposite experience. I had a TP running Linux that I loved as my work computer, and then my company got acquired and I had to choose between a gigantic brick of a Dell or a Macbook, so I decided to try a mac for a while.

I absolutely hate it: the keyboard needs to be blown out with compressed air all the damn time, plugging in external monitors is a total crapshoot, the touch bar thing just sucks, having only USB-C ports is a pain, and every fuse filesystem is insanely slow. The macbooks and earlier were great. The older macs had much better keyboards and better placement of the touchpad. The only nice thing about the touchbars is that they have a fingerprint reader. Actually they replaced Thunderbolt 2 with Thunderbolt 3, and it's better. My office currently buys new hires at least one dongle plus an hdmi cord because our monitors don't come with a USB-C cable if yours do, please let me know what you're purchasing.

Wireless mice and keyboards that use the USBs need dongles.

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If you go into a random conference room at work, at clients etc , many places will have hdmi cords which you used to just be able to plug in. Instead of having a laptop that "just works" it's now a pain to ensure that new hires have all the equipment they need. I'm probably a bad example because my setup is hilariously kludged together.

The upside is that my MacBook is connected to all that with a single cable that includes power. For peripherals I use bluetooth. The fingerprint reader doesn't work most of the time. Either it doesn't appear at all, or it's completely unresponsive. Yes, it doesn't work most of the time. Thats still higher than Lenovo fingerprint readers which never work. Sorry to hear about your troubles. When I was a consultant and used Thinkpads heavily at work they worked pretty reliably with a lot of abuse, although I agree that Windows is something that for me personally is hard to tolerate as an OS.

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  • Linux on the same hardware WiFi, snooze, etc. Which model was it? I have heard different model lines have vastly different quality levels.

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    I think the T and X lines are widely considered the best. I would not consider anything outside those two lines for professional use. My Ts has been great. It sees a lot of use too. I'm a fan of the X1 Carbon line; my current home laptop is a 3rd-gen that I grabbed on eBay for cheap a while back. Might leapfrog to the next model when it's released, but the "Alexa for PC" integration is kinda sketching me out.

    I know it's just factory-installed bloatware at this point, but I'm concerned that before long Amazon's going to be paying off OEMs for physically integrated spy hardware, and while I love my ThinkPad systems, Lenovo's willingness to include Alexa makes me nervous. Interesting - since I'm not on Windows, I didn't know about Alexa integration.

    On the other hand, Lenovo seems to use hardware components with good support by open-source drivers. Hopefully one day they or someone else will support something like coreboot, which will create a more open system minus microcode in the CPU. How does the trackpad feel? The only thing I haven't found anyone else do better than Apple is the Mac's trackpads. They're absolutely smooth and a pleasure to work with. I installed Unbuntu on a Lenovo and the trackpad felt horrible in comparison, even after tinkering endlessly with the settings.

    Half the allure of a Thinkpad is the trackpoint though. I don't understand trackpoint. I always overshoot what I'm trying to click on a tiny bit. With a macbook touchpad, that just doesn't happen at all. Also, it feels like the force and dexterity to use a trackpoint puts a bit too much pressure on my finger. I've tried using a trackpoint for a while. I desperately regret switching my corp laptop from a macbook to thinkpad several months ago. Linux is nice, but now I have to deal with this really shitty trackpad for over another year until my refresh.

    I like the trackpoint because of the nostalgia factor, but in terms of dexterity, speed, and accuracy, there's no way it can compare to a trackpad. The track point to me feels very unnatural. Do you switch fingers to give yourself a break? I'm on a fresh Debian install and using a VPN. At some point I need to lock down my home router and flash the BIOS on some of my more promiscuous computers.

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    • I just don't feel comfortable on Android. I do believe that for an average non-experienced consumer, it offers better security over Windows fewer viruses, App Store launched earlier, etc. Emphasis added, because of course you don't need to, and most people don't. Apple themselves have been working at it and Mojave contains a bunch of new restrictions and brings more visibility to what software wants what.

      It's much more feasible now for users to simply prevent most or all standard software from accessing the camera or mic entirely. Someone could be very cautious about what they install and stick to more heavily controlled and sandboxed major name stuff from the MAS even though I personally think the MAS is a huge disappointment and waste of potential still. Running software in a VM is another option for power users. Ultimately this is just another possible layer and UX.

      If anything it is probably of most value to power users who want to run software from anywhere and in turn would like to have additional tools to handle some of the vetting and watching that Apple might do for general users with light needs. That's like Little Snitch too, I find it absolutely invaluable, but I also have the basic systems and networking knowledge for it to mean something to me. For end users I help it's of no direct use because it all might as well be in another language, they don't have the knowledge or metaknowledge, it's only any good in terms of providing an administrator willing to take an active hand in things occasionally another way to help lock systems down.

      I do hope for Apple to continue their trend of privacy focus, for example they could make camera access more nuanced like only if it has user focus. But I have more faith in their ability to make that functional for general end user contexts then in many server secure focused OS. But biometrics are incredibly value for general mobile usage security. Shoulder surfing these days should probably be considered the rule not the exception given the growing ubiquity of networked cameras everywhere and the data storage capacity and ML to handle their data.