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They always want to connect their smartphone devices to the internet in order to spend the whole day in cell phone activities. This way teens health is compromised and they get ill and even more depress than ever. When children have access to the internet and to the social messaging apps, they often encounter with the adult content and they start searching for the nude content on the cell phone browser.

On the other hand young teens also very popular for self-obscenity by making their own nude videos and often embarrassed in case the video goes viral on the internet by someone close to them such as boyfriends. This kind of bad activity mostly turn teens obsessed with the artificial sexual behaviors that can really damage children mentally and they no-more convince to have the natural sexual relationship in their real —life. Children those spend all day long on the smartphones and do activities such as texting , sexting , make calls, shared media on the instant messaging apps and do Voice calls often become obsessed with social media.

Some parents may want to take the kids and teens consent while tracing their mobile phones and many of them want to spy on children phone secretly. If you want to do surveillance on kids and teens cell phone without them knowing then we are going to tell you few easy ways.

How to Track My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing (% Secure)

Parents need to use different methods in order to keep an eye on kids and teens phone activities. Parents can use the cell phone tracking software and they have to install it on kids and teens smartphone gadget. Spy tracking devices for cell phones are the best way to know the hidden activities of children without them knowing. Spy phone app further enables a user to get screenshots remotely of all the activities of children performed on the target smartphone such as text messages , visited websites , shared media , and all other activities except voice activities. The user can remotely block the activities with the remote phone controller of the best cell phone spy app.

The user can block the incoming text messages, incoming calls, and internet remotely. You can use spy live screen sharing in order to view the live screen activities of target cell phone.

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You just need to send the push notification on the phone and it will broadcast the screen of children phone into the online control panel of the cell phone spy app. In-case your children have not come home at the time after finishing the school, you can track the location of your kids by using the GPS location tracker. It enables a user to track current GPS location , location history and set sage and dangerous areas for the children. Use technology tool for the effective piece of parenting.

Safe Methods. According to the professionals: How Vulnerable young children Professionals have their viewpoint that young children are vulnerable —they have low self-esteem, lacks the support of their guardians, usually experience substance abuse such as alcohol and drugs and more unsupervised time.

Part 1. Top Best 8 Apps to Spy on Your Kids

Phone connects to the internet —Ramifications on Children Obviously, when the kids and teens cell phone device is connected to the internet, then the ramifications could be dangerous for your children. Sexual Predators The sexual predators operate in groups and trap young teens most of the time; they are basically mentally frustrated people that always want to hunt teens to rape them alongside with their friends.

Health Issues The use of smartphones all day long such as in the activities of text messages , incoming and outgoing calls , use of instant messaging apps and VOICE messages often put teens in cell phone and online media obsession. Bad Habits Kids May Get From Virtual World Carnal content When children have access to the internet and to the social messaging apps, they often encounter with the adult content and they start searching for the nude content on the cell phone browser.

How does it work?

Since there are so many apps, we will only be focusing on apps for Android OS today. So, are you ready to know about the top ten free Android monitoring apps? Let us begin! The very first Android monitoring app on our list is FamiSafe. We have chosen this as the first app on our list because of its breadth of features combined with the ease of use.

Famisafe comes from Wondershare, the company with several acclaimed software packages like Filmora. The monitoring is done on their mobile device.

Spyzie is an excellent Android monitoring app because it has something for everyone. Do you have children who are out and that too regularly? Do they spend a lot of time on social media?

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Link: spyzie. The app is different from others because its key feature is the option to listen in on calls. Listening in on calls comes with other features like accessing browser history, call logging and message viewing. There are other features not found in the rest of the monitoring apps like email interception. Link: mspy. Children Tracking has a slightly different focus compared to other Android monitoring apps on the list.

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Link: Children Tracking. The TruthSpy is a free Android monitoring app which comes with several features to track a certain phone. The hallmark of the app is its tracking capability. The system for tracking is remarkably accurate, allowing users to rescue a missing device. The app comes with other features you would want from a monitoring app like browser history and GPS history.

Overall, this is a versatile app and a sound choice for any parent. The app is incredibly convenient because you can monitor remotely from your own phone. It gives parents the power to monitor browsing and chat activities, very important if they play online games. It is also great for employers to protect trade secrets through features like GPS charts and call history.


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Link: track it. SpyHuman is a monitoring app for those who prefer to monitor on multiple devices. Compatibility on different devices is great for parents who need to be seated at their desks for a long time. As the name suggests, this is a free Android monitoring app to track cell phone location and activity.

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After installing the app, you can perform several functions like access contacts, location, information, and multimedia content. You will get all the features you can find in paid Android apps like location tracking, view contacts, and multimedia files. Hence, this is a great acquisition for parents. Link: freeandroidspy.

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  7. Mobile Tracker Free is perfect for parents looking for a free monitoring app for Android. In short, if you need an app that will monitor online activity without monthly plans, Mobile Tracker Free is the best. The monitoring app comes with all the features you need from a mobile tracker which also include SMS tracking, social media tracking, recovering pictures and so much more. Cell Tracker is a fantastic choice for parents who need an Android monitoring app. The app is also completely free and comes with all the bells and whistles you need to monitor your kids.

    The best part about Cell Tracker is its ability to run in the background of a target device. Hence, parents can monitor devices without a risk of being detected by kids. The app lets you do so much including view call logs, text message history and a lot more.

    With that goal in mind, we provided a detailed list of all the mobile apps that can help you as a parent monitor online activities.